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With each purchase, We Support Ukraine

Many of our employees and customers have roots in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and Russia, and we are all heartbroken by the ongoing devastation.

Especially we are concerned about the attacks on innocent lives, women children, and families displaced and torn apart by this war.

In light of this, we're committing to sending regular financial support to humanitarian groups within Ukraine. These funds will provide the much-needed shelter, food, and assistance to those most in need.

Thank you for buying from Snap Supplements, and we pray that this war will end quickly!


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  • Non GMO

  • Soy Free

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Blood Circulation

Naturally promotes energy and oxygenation for Cardiovascular Support. Help fire up your stamina vigor and wellbeing.*

  • Supports Cardio Health*
  • Stamina & Energy Support*
  • Optimizes Nitric Oxide Production*
  • Induces Antioxidant Response*

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  • Non GMO

  • Soy Free

  • No sugar added

Naturally promotes energy and oxygenation for Cardiovascular Support. Help fire up your stamina vigor and wellbeing.*

  • Supports Cardio Health*
  • Stamina & Energy Support*
  • Optimizes Nitric Oxide Production*
  • Induces Antioxidant Response*

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Real Advantages, Right on Time

There’s never a wrong time to add Nitrosigine to your daily routine. Unlike other pre-workout supplements, Nitrosigine was designed and tested to raise Arginine levels 70% for up to 6 hours. That's more oxygen to your hard working muscles when you want it, and optimal lactic acid removal when you need it. 4

Key Health Benefits


Cardio Health*

Keeping your heart healthy is key to improving stamina and endurance to optimize training potential. Reducing oxidative stress, and maintaining prime nutrient levels helps support cardiac output and overall health.* 5


Stamina & Energy

L-Arginine is an amino acid required for protein metabolism and muscle development. Daily supplementation can help boost your muscle building work out efforts.* 6


Increase Nitric Oxide*

Every nutrient in L-Arginine Power Complex targets Nitric Oxide potential to support healthy oxygenation and blood flow. A healthy vascular response is important to body builders, and people with active lifestyles to support overall cardiovascular health and wellbeing.* 5

Top Customer Reviews

“A friend told me about it because he swears by it. After taking it for a couple days, I’m a believer as well 😄“

- Kenny M.

“I noticed this product had Nitrosigine in it and I heardf a lot fo great things about it. Turns out what I heard was true, I feel great!”

- Johnny H.

“I’ve been able to build more muscle easily and my mood is better. I’m definitely going to subscribe.”

- Ashton O.

Ingredients That Bring Results


Healthy Blood Flow

Nitrosigine is a unique complex of arginine and silicon shown in clinical studies to help amplify Nitric Oxide production and promote healthy blood flow for peak athletic performance. Over 30 clinical studies have demonstrated its expansive effects to oxygenate joint tissue, heighten focus, and naturally boost energy without the use of caffeine or stimulants. 5, 7


Muscle Growth

By supporting amino acid metabolism in the liver, L-Citrulline extends crucial protein building and muscle growth timeframes. While the amino acid is also well-known to stimulate nitric oxide production and protein synthesis, it is this additional key benefit that makes it indispensable to elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. 6

Vitamin D3

Cellular Defense

Vitamin D3 is involved in innumerable health functions, and, is heavily utilized in the immune and cardiovascular systems. Proper supplementation ensures adequate circulating D3 to promote healthy inflammatory response, mood and heart health.* 8, 9

Pine Bark Extract

Antioxidant & Phytochemicals

Maritime Pine is an ancient and wondrous tree native to the Mediterranean. Like many natural remedies akin to the region, it offers antioxidant laden benefits to heart health. Beyond Vitamin C and its plentiful phytochemicals, Pine Bark Extract has become renowned as a promoter of Nitric Oxide, virility, and cardio stamina. 10

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

2 Capsules

As a dietary supplement take 2 Capsules with light food & water daily.

For Best Results

For best results consider including cardio and weight lifting exercises in your routine.


This product is an effective pre-workout supplement, we recommend taking it 30 min before your workout.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

There's never been a better time to take charge of your health and it couldn't be easier than this. With our 90-day money back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Numbers Worth Knowing

Researchers studying Citrulline as a pre-workout supplement detailed notable promise in assisting barbell repetitions among young participants compared to placebo group at advanced dosage levels.* 11



Acquired Amino Acid Deficiencies: A Focus on Arginine and Glutamine



Citrulline stimulates muscle protein synthesis, by reallocating ATP consumption to muscle protein synthesis



Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference and Expo - P19 Absorption of bonded arginine silicate compared to individual arginine and silicon components



A Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of the Duration of Effect of Inositol‐Stabilized Arginine Silicate and Arginine Hydrochloride in Healthy Adult Males



l-citrulline and l-arginine supplementation retards the progression of high-cholesterol-diet-induced atherosclerosis in rabbits



Growth hormone, arginine and exercise



Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference and Expo - P19 Absorption of bonded arginine silicate compared to individual arginine and silicon components



The Benefits of Getting Enough Vitamin D3



Effects of low molecular weight procyanidin rich extract from french maritime pine bark on cardiovascular disease risk factors in stage-1 hypertensive subjects: Randomized, double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled intervention trial



Citrulline Malate Enhances Athletic Anaerobic Performance and Relieves Muscle Soreness


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You should experience improved performance & energy.

L-Arginine is meant to help increase energy and vitality with natural ingredients. If you experience any side effects, please stop taking the product immediately.*

Please speak to your health care provider if you are currently taking medication before taking this supplement.*

If You're Happy,
Then We're Happy!

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If You're Happy, Then We're Happy!

At Snap Supplements we believe optimizing your health should be simple. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with natural, high-quality supplements made with only the purest and carefully selected superfoods, botanicals, vitamins, and minerals formulated for optimal health impact and results.*

We take quality to a new standard, our products go through inspections and certifications so you get the best product.

Over 300,000 customers have made Snap a part of their daily routine. Join us today!

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