Cancer-Causing Agent Found in Prescription Blood Pressure Drug... Again 

Snap Supplements | October 3rd 2019 | 8 minutes read

Cancer-Causing Agent Found in Prescription Blood Pressure Drug...Again


Relying on prescription medications to take care of cardiovascular health problems can be incredibly punishing on your body. On the other hand, when you choose natural supplements to improve your blood pressure, you reward your body. Organic supplements can help you reach your wellness goals without devastating your body with the awful side effects that come with prescription pills. 




However, this is hardly the only reason to choose natural nutritional supplements to support your health. While side effects from medications can be bad, they pale in comparison to some of the larger risks of relying on prescription drugs. One of the go-to medications for lowering blood pressure puts you at risk for some serious long-term problems.

Recall Issued on Losartan Blood Pressure Medication









When you think of long-term health problems, it’s hard to picture anything worse than cancer. And unfortunately, one prominent blood pressure medication, Losartan, was just recalled over concerns of a possible cancer-causing agent found in the pills. The chemical in question is N-Methyl Nitroso Butyric acid (NMBA), a known carcinogen in animals and potential carcinogen in humans. The FDA actually allows this compound to be present in medications, even given the known dangers of it. But apparently the amount of NMBA found in Losartan was too much for the FDA, prompting the recall.


It’s bad enough that this recall had to happen recently, but it isn’t even the first time it’s happened. And no, it’s not even just the second time. In fact, this is the fifth time that Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited, the company that makes Losartan, has had to issue a recall for this reason. 


Needless to say, this is highly discouraging for anyone seeking help for high blood pressure and cardiovascular health problems. It’s also just one more reason why finding a natural solution for cardiovascular health support that works for you is a less risky option. 


It should be noted that you shouldn’t just stop taking Losartan if it’s been prescribed to you, but you should definitely make a trip to see your physician to talk about your concerns and to see if switching to a natural option would be better for you. 




Nitric Oxide Booster for Natural Cardiovascular Support








Nitric Oxide is a natural molecule produced by your cells and it plays a major role in your cardiovascular system. By relaxing the inner muscles of your blood vessels to allow for expansion, Nitric Oxide facilitates smooth blood flow, lowering blood pressure naturally. Our


When you choose natural solutions for heart health, you can reap the benefits of wellness while averting the risks that come with prescription drugs. 






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